The Museums of San Benito

San Benito History Museum highlights how the city grew from a harsh, arid environment to a thriving agricultural and cultural center. Hear about the development of the Spiderweb Railroad and the different names by which San Benito was known.

Freddy Fender Museum & Memorial offers a glimpse into Fender's life from the start of his musical career in the late 1950s to becoming a multi-Grammy Award winner. He is buried in the San Benito Memorial Park Cemetery, which features granite markers outlining his colorful career. A water tower on Expressway 77/83 carries the likeness of this popular San Benito musician.

Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum presents the the artists who turned conjunto from a unique style of American folk music that originated in San Benito into songs performed around the region and world.

Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Thu.-Sat.

210 E. Heywood St.


The Museums of San Benito

San Benito, TX
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